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“As an industry first, TRS Inc. has adopted strict employment standards to ensure best practices.”
RESCUE SPECIALIST (Swimmer / Winchman)


The candidate must have demonstrated to the employer, through skills assessment training or a previous assignment, an ability to perform the duties of a Helicopter Rescue Technician.  The candidate must have experience with helicopter rescue operations; including exposure to small-vessels, escape rafts, offshore water hoisting and be the holder of an emergency medical responder (EMR*) certification or higher.

The candidate must have also completed company procedural training and verification as deemed necessary by the employer; along with required offshore employment certification and/or training. 

*Note: EMR Guidelines Under the Canadian Medical Association, National Occupancy Competency Profile, 2011 (CMA NOCP 2011)


An individual employed in the position of Helicopter Rescue Specialist shall hold either:

  • Certificate of completion from a Government SAR Technician Program (Military, Coast Guard, etc.) and have at least 5 years experience in an operational SAR unit, or

  • Certificate of Completion of an Advanced Offshore Hoist Training Program from a Certified Institution that meets JAR OPS standards and have at least 5 years experience in helicopter rescue operations.

  • Minimum 1500 Flight Hours in a Crew Position is Preferred.

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