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Star of Courage (S.C.)

The Star of Courage recognizes acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril.

Awarded on: June 16, 2005

Invested on: December 2, 2005

Sergeant Derek David Rogers CD, SC, BA, MA

On September 19, 2004, search and rescue technicians MCpl Norman Penny, then Corporal, and Sgt Derek Rogers risked their lives to save four fishermen from drowning after their vessel capsized near cape Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador, during a storm in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. Facing 10-metre waves, heavy rain and gale-force wind, the two rescuers made several life- threatening night descents from their helicopter to retrieve the victims from a life raft that was rapidly drifting towards the rocky shore. Despite a hoist failure, near- drownings from being forced under water by the panicked victims, and suffering injuries from being tossed around by high winds and powerful swells, they volunteered to be lowered again to rescue the remaining crew members who had washed up on shore along the cove and were trapped below the 25-metre cliffs. Through MCpl Penny and Sgt Rogers' tireless efforts, four lives were saved. Sadly, two other fishermen perished during the ordeal.


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