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Medal of Bravery (MB)

The Medal of Bravery recognizes acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

Awarded on: July 15, 1985

Invested on: December 6, 1985

Corporal Donald H. Harper

On 30 October 1984, Cpl. Harper was on a training exercise when the soldier crossing a rope bridge after him got into trouble. Weighed down by a radio, kit, rifle and ammunition, the soldier slipped, momentarily hung by his hands, then fell into the frigid river. At the first sign of trouble, Cpl. Harper began stripping off his gear. By the time Cpl. Harper stripped, the soldier was struggling to keep his head clear. Cpl. Harper entered the 4oC water and swam the 40 metres to the panicky soldier. After calming him, Cpl. Harper assisted him in shedding as much equipment as possible. The two then swam to shore, Cpl. Harper staying close.


Sikorsky Flight Hour Award

1000 Hours

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