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Meritorious Service Medal (M.S.M.)

The Meritorious Service Medal (military division) recognizes a military deed or activity that has been performed in a highly professional manner or of a very high standard that brings benefit or honour to the Canadian Forces.

Awarded on: July 6, 2006

Invested on: February 19, 2007

Sergeant Jason MacKinnon

On July 28, 2003, search and rescue technicians Master-Corporal MacKinnon and Sergeant Payne displayed unwavering fortitude while assisting five crew members from a disabled sailing vessel in the Gulf of St.Lawrence, near Grande-Rivière, Quebec. Despite winds in excess of 35 knots and violent waves that threatened to capsize the vessel, the two men conducted individual hoist operations in the high seas to rescue three adults and two children from the unstable sailboat. Master- Corporal MacKinnon and Sergeant Payne displayed perseverance and outstanding professionalism in the performance of their first tour of duty as search and rescue technicians.



Command Commendation Award

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